Stagnation and Gingerbread Houses

Things have been tough, and I haven’t even had the energy to blog. 😂

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to maintain my everyday routine with how disregulated duds is. She gets me so out of wack in the mornings that I find myself just staring at the walls for most of the day just… Staring…

I don’t know if it’s depression, or just wanting to be disconnected from life for a while or what but JEEZ LOUISE PAPA CHEESE I got shit to do!

I run a business from home, I have to maintain my home, I deal with therapists, developmental disabilities and all of duds various other things weekly. I ain’t got time to stare blankly into space!

Even now, I have a list a mile long of things to do in the last week of school before break and I find myself stagnant. unable to motivate.


Duds and I did make a gingerbread house this weekend. It’s pretty awesome, so there was a shimmer amidst the fog.

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