Tears Crash Around Me

This is going to be a serious post, and for that I apologize.

I sit here this morning being verbally abused by my 6 year old. No matter what I do or say she gets mad and calls me names and screams obscenities at me.

I’ve been called a bitch, told to shut the fuck up I don’t know how many times in the span of mere minutes. She will apologize and when I respond she gets angry. When I don’t respond she gets angry. No matter WHAT I DO, she’s triggered by me.


I try my hardest not to show emotion around her, I stay stoic and emotionless because I don’t want her to see that her words affect me one way or another. But she has run me down. I’m tired of being hit. I’m tired of being called names. I’m tired of being hated.

I’m so very tired…

The tears involuntary fell out of my eyes and I couldn’t stop them. I tried to wipe them away before she saw them but it was too late.

“OH GREAT,” she says. “You’re crying?” Insert big dramatic sigh. “You are so stupid.”

The tears fell even harder.. I had to run to the bathroom and openly weep as she beat on the door and berated me for having feelings and being a human.

I truely hope that someday.. someday she will look back on days like this and see that I wasn’t the bad guy.


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1 thought on “Tears Crash Around Me

  1. Hey there! Looking forward to another update… hope you are having some better luck.


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