As The Vaccuum Sucks

I made my child a bag of popcorn this afternoon because I wanted to do something nice.

She isn’t the cleanest of children and usually makes a mess, but today was messy even for her standards. It looked like she had taken two big handfuls and like…. Smooshed them together and then sprinkled em on the floor like buttery freaking glitter.

I asked her how she made such a mess.

Her reply is as follows.

“I don’t know how to eat mom.”

“But you do Bug, I see you do it everyday.”

“But it just kept falling on the FLOOR!!

At this point, she’s getting pissy, because, as my blogging continues, you will notice duds does NOT LIKE two sided conversations. ESPECIALLY when it involves things that she isn’t doing “right”.

“Honey, all you had to do was eat over the bowl and this wouldn’t have happened.”

“MOM! The bowl is on the FLOOR!!!”

She proceeds to throw the whole big ass bowl of popcorn on the floor and then flips out.. stomps the popcorn into the carpet river dance style

and starts screaming;

“Do you see what you made me do?!”


I quietly went and got the Vaccuum and started vaccuuming up the mess. As I’m doing it, the little turd starts pointing out the popcorn that I missed.. 😒


GURL….. You better quit

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1 thought on “As The Vaccuum Sucks

  1. River Dance style 🤣🤣🤣

    You’re an amazing mom! ♥️


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